Best Superhero Video Games! – Most of us seem to have had a simple dream in childhood – becoming a superhero. Having watched their action on television and the big screen, being a defender of truth and justice fighters with cool costumes that have the ability to sgp exceed the average human seems to be too good a hope not to be dreamed of. We dream of flying, leaping high, removing lasers from the eyes, blowing cold winds so that they can freeze anything, break walls, help those who have trouble getting things done. We all dreamed of 1001 scenarios how we ended, saving the world.

But with age, when the rationalization of thought is already underway, we have to deal with a bitter reality. That a dream to come out with a unique costume with superpowers is something that can not be pursued and done, even with today’s technology. The only best way is of course playing roles through an interactive medium that exists, including video games. So like the trends happening in today’s big-screen movies with Marvel and DC being so active throwing their best superhero through the cliches of countless cliches, video games also actually offer many similar opportunities. Not even just in the current generation platform, but also some in the past.

So, of all the superhero games ever available in the gaming industry, which one do we think deserves to be named the best among the best? Here’s a list of JagatPlay versions:

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Slightly sad indeed see Marvel’s reluctance to re-explore the story of Bruce Banner and Hulk into a separate movie. A green creature whose strength scale is strengthened along with his anger is indeed difficult to count, especially considering his true strength, can end up unlimited. In the past, there have been several attempts at the adaptation process being undertaken, although few succeeded. Saah one that is pretty cool of course is “Ultimate Destruction” which contains open-world concept in it. Hulk free movement is ready to destroy anything, it gives the impression of what kind of sensation “master” the city without any one that can hinder you.

TMNT III: The Manhattan Project

Are ninja turtles belonging to the superheroes? You can argue about it, but in our eyes, it’s always a superhero that is so close to the heart. As one of the superhero cartoon movies that you can enjoy on screen TVRI dozens of years ago, TMNT does have a special place for gamers in Indonesia. When the NES started crawling up as a mainstream gaming platform, TMNT ended up being adopted into several series. For us? Nothing more phenomenal than the Manhattan Project at that time not only looks cool, but it carries the gameplay and challenges that are quite difficult. Playing it along with your other friends offers its own preoccupations.

Injustice 2

That superhero game does not always have to end up being an action game that asks you to hit a villain who can not fight much. In the hands of the right developer, he can end up being a fighting game that allows you to beat each other with the power and animation of appropriate attacks. One of the strengths of Injustice is also rooted in its ability to offer an interesting story in campaign mode, merging the DC universe and its unique conflicts into something that invites curiosity, with conflicts worthy of thumbs up. Call it as one of the games that make the basic superhero theme on the market is not excessive.


Call it a cool action game, is a bit excessive. But among all the comic adaptation games with the right and proper taste, Deadpool seems to fit into this one category. Long before Ryan Reynolds began to popularize this anti-hero through fantastic action on the big screen, the video game version has actually started to offer what makes Deadpool so special as a superhero / anti-hero. He who consistently pierces the fourth wall with humor that invites laughter, you will fall in love regardless of the fact that you may not really like the hack and slash action system that he usung.

Zen Ninja

Of all the list of games that we include here, we would not be surprised if you have never heard or tasted Ninja game that was released in this era of NES. Imagine a blend of classic cartoons – Captain Planet and classic action games – Ninja Gaiden in the same room, then you’ll get a Zen Ninja. Wrapped in super-tight blue costumes in the fight against terrifying monsters across the globe, he is a pretty cool superhero in the past. The courage to confront the superfluous threats with only the melee attack, even against itself at the end, offers an epic tale that is hard to forget for granted.


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Many gamers seem to underestimate what LEGO has to offer in every game series they release. Very understandable given that the visual approach he offers does make it feel like a game designed for a single market – kids. And if you give it a chance, especially for those who take themes from other universes like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel Super Heroes, it ends up being a fantastic adventure game. For Marvel fans, the LEGO series embodies the best dreams by allowing you to sample a huge variety of heroes, complete with their unique strengths. Combined with poker online existing open-world concepts, you will hope that there is a “serious” version in the future that adapts a similar approach.